About Us

Our History

Thomas Furs was founded on 1976 at Germany by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. They decided to leave Germany on 1980 and have their own manufacture factory at Kastoria at Greece and continued to work till 1988 as subcontractors for the fabrication of fur coats for the most important fur companies in Germany and Swiss. 

From 1988 till 1992 Thomas Furs signed an exclusivity contract with the most important Swiss company for the creation of super exclusive luxury fur coats and on 1988 the Swiss company “Demelius” with Thomas Furs Creation won the international fur competition and gained three prices for the design, innovation and quality.   

From 1992-1994 they continue to work as subcontractors under an exclusivity contract for an Italian company based at Venice.

On 1994 and following the opening of boarders of the ex-Soviet Union Thomas Furs decided to make its own collection with fur coats and work independently with the Russian market.

That lasted till 1999 when one of the most important companies in France for the provision of fur coats in Europe, located Thomas Furs and proposed to cooperate together, again under exclusivity contract, but one of the terms was to relocate the factory at Paris.  Thomas Furs worked with this company till 2005, date where the French company changed the Management and they decided to work with the Chinese market and construct only super exclusive garments with Thomas Furs. This cooperation lasts till now days but Thomas Furs leaved Paris and reestablished its own factory at Kastoria at Greece.

Since 2006 Thomas Furs designs its own new collection every year. On 2007 opened its own store first at Limassol and every summer at Ayia Napa. Last year took the strategic decision to open a store at Paphos.

Our Skin Selection

Every year Thomas Furs buy its skins from international auctions where only  recognized and certified farmers with high quality and labeled skins can participate such as Saga (European), Nafa (American), Swakara, Blackglama, etc. That’s why our coats have the label of the skins quality that only buyers from those auctions can obtain.



Our Fur Models

Our models are designed every year for the forthcoming winter by Mr. Thomas. Shapes are basically classic following each year trends. Models are designed exclusively for fur garments in order to fit in to all women body types. There are all sizes and even if a woman has special dimensions then following special order Thomas Furs can redesign the desired model on those dimensions.


Our Atelier

Our factory is located at Kastoria (Greece) and is equipped with state of art machines for all stages of fabrication and quality control. Our staff is continually trained and followed up by Mr. Thomas. Each worker disposes expertise only on one specialty corresponding in one stage of the 10 different specialties that are needed for the fabrication of a fur coat. All our workers have more than 15 years of experience in Thomas Furs.


Meet the Thomas Furs Creations Team

Mr. Nicolaos Thomas: Master Furrier and Master Designer

Mrs. Thomai Thoma: Master Furrier and Sales Management

Mrs. Olga Thoma: Designer -  Marketing Manager

Mrs Alexandra Thoma: Financial Manager

Mr. Athanasios Thomas: International Commerce Manager

Mr. Panos Thomas: Row Material Purchase Manager